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All The Features That Work For You

Artificial Intelligence based Software

Artificial Intelligence helps HRs to parse resumes of the candidates as per the qualifications and experience required for the vacancy.

Automatic Attachment Download

Automatically downloads the attachment of the candidates along with resumes to save time and efforts of the HRs.

Advanced Applicant Tracking

System that keeps track of all the applicants and sorts them for you on the basis of educational qualification, training, interview and many more factors.

Automates Your Recruitment

 It aids the talent acquisition process by helping HRs to research, source, communicates and continuously engages potential job candidates.

Generates HR letters

Lets you easily customize, organize, and create all documents like appointment letters, confirmation letters, increment letters within a couple of clicks.

Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling process helps to accelerate and streamline the interview process to facilitate immediate candidate communication

In-built Skill Tests

In-built skill tests to evaluate the proficiency of the candidate and decide whether he/she is fit for the position or not.

Mass Mailing

Creates campaigns and sends bulk emails to get noticed by the ideal candidates and helps multiply the conversions of the eligible candidates.