Do you still spend most of the time in screening resumes manually? We have a better solution for you. jiTalent offer the best-automated recruitment software that commits to delivering and engaging experience that makes the process of recruitment easy and seamless. The tool is powered by AI thus automates the process of resume screening. It easily integrates with ATS thus understands the job requirements and choose the best candidate based on previous hiring decisions. We designed the software with a focus to automate the recruitment process. This makes hiring reliable and better. Also, it helps the hiring team to further research, source, communicate and enhance engagement with the potential candidates. Implementing the software in your organization completely transform the role of the recruiter in your firm. It shortlists the resume, schedule interviews and helps recruiters in conducting interviews anytime and from anywhere. In all, from scheduling an interview until the final onboarding of the candidates, jiTalent automates the complete recruitment process for you!

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  • Experience simple and hassle-free recruitment process.
  • Collaborate, manage, and hire the right talent quickly.
  • Attain transparency in the candidate journey and offer a better candidate experience.
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