A vacancy management system is a software that helps organizations maintain a record of open positions and applicants while streamlining recruitment processes. These systems streamline the hiring process by providing functionality for tracking job applications and monitoring progress through different stages, including screening, interviewing, and selecting successful candidates.

JiTalent empowers your vacancy management by keeping the most up-to-date details accessible, helping you find suitable replacements, and early identification of any skills gaps. It is a well-functioning system that ensures continuous operations while reducing the amount of advertising required. Furthermore, jiTalent provides access to current availabilities and enables service providers to keep track of any changes in vacancies themselves.

Simplify your vacancy management process with us 

  • Add endless notes to store additional essential details.
  • Enhance visibility by promoting job postings across social networks and job portals
  • Get instant access to the dashboard that highlights all jobs that require immediate attention
  • The active job view feature displays vital details about each job that is under consideration

Manage and track the jobs seamlessly

  • Track every application, schedule interviews, collect data, and generate reports.
  • Integrate with corporate career pages designed to accept resumes
  • Attach documents such as job descriptions and benefits packages along with each listing.
  • Approve workflow, generate reports, and take better decisions.