Finding the perfect candidate for a suitable job position is a crucial and time-consuming task for recruiters today. If somehow they find the perfect fit, communication becomes a barrier. Their ability to contact them may be limited. With jiTalent, you can identify the ideal candidate by making use of our calling feature. A simple phone call can connect you with the candidate instantly. As a result, recruiters are able to save time by knocking out manual note-taking and time-consuming processes. When using the calling feature to communicate with candidates, it provides better evaluation and you easily can decide if the candidate is suitable or not for the particular job position. It is because phone communication gives a better read on the candidates’ personalities and interpersonal skills. With this feature, it becomes easy for the hiring team to get the right candidate with no hassles.

Make a successful call with jiTalent!

  • Instant conversation with job’s seeking candidates
  • Better evaluation of the candidate during calling
  • Call recording to give an edge
  • No hassle to get through stacks of paper resumes and Cvs to reach candidate