Are you struggling to keep track of employee background checks? jiTalent – a powerful AI-based recruitment tool that offers a background check feature that helps companies optimize their background check management processes. This feature is designed to ensure the safety and protection of employees, customers, shareholders, and partners. 

jiTalent’s background checks offer crucial details required to verify a candidate’s authenticity before hiring them for the open position. Background checks include employment verification, educational degrees, identity verification, professional licensing certifications, and criminal history. 

It allows employers to analyze the candidate’s history, capabilities and helps them hire the right talent. Additionally, effective background check management help prevent damage to property, equipment, assets, infrastructure, and revenue streams caused by unwanted events and disasters.

Amplify your recruitment process with the right tool

  • Get the necessary information before hiring
  • The secure pre-employment screening process
  • Avoid lawsuits and other legal issues
  • Empower your recruitment processes

Experience seamless hiring with us

  • Onboard potential candidates quickly
  • Establish a safe and productive workplace
  • Eliminate negligent hiring risks and reduce substance abuse
  • Enhance your revenue by hiring the right