Improve employee performance without pain. The project management software helps in aligning the right person with the right role. It helps in aligning the right business strategies and help businesses to achieve goals effectively. The software ensures the hiring team that they are aligning the talented employee with the role that suits them, develops goals for success, support their development and help in taking the organization towards success. jiTalent is effective software that helps in effective performance management, enhance engagement, produces a more accurate image of employee performance, and helps in addressing problems in a moment.

We have created simple, and user-friendly performance management software that helps HR in comparing performances by the department and across the entire company. This helps in giving the right appraisals to the deserving candidates.

Top-Features of Performance Management Software

Instant feedback: Offer performance-related feedback anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic Goals: Create dynamic goals that help in updating career objective over time.

Clear Measurements: Helps in the clear, easy interpretation of objective thus allowing easier tracking of results.

Social Recognition: Recognize the achievements of employees at the social level.

Customizable reporting: Give the employee the ability to generate various reports based on performance evaluation needs. Integration:

Succession Planning: Analyze and maintain the list of employees who moved to the next level within an organization.

Actionable Insights: Help in analyzing valuable information necessary to make management and employee-specific decisions.