Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into business software and is playing a vital role in growing businesses. Artificial Intelligence software has incorporated machine and deep learning algorithms into everyday functionality that automate almost every task of the user. It plays an outstanding role in talent management programs that results in better and smarter hiring. It makes the overall process of recruitment effortless and choosing the right candidate is no more tiresome task with our software, jiTalent.

Artificial intelligence software plays a vital role in processing pre-hire assessments. It helps in predicting the right candidate for the job and result in producing the team of talented candidates. The software does a lot right from the beginning helps in analysing the resumes, comparing it with other successful employees and then choosing an ideal candidate for the job. The software helps the hiring team in making intelligent decisions, helping in resolving critical business decisions, provide analytical proof and predictive outcomes. This reduces the chance of wrong hiring and helps the organization in building a strong and talented team.

The right resume parsing software for you

  • Quickly analyze bundle of resumes in a moment of time.
  • Extract resumes as per category, qualification, and other fields.
  • Easily store and analyze resume data accurately and automatically.
  • Saves huge time, money, and efforts of your hiring team.

Resume parsing: An open-source tool for all-sized businesses

  • Get a wide range of comprehensive resume parsing tools.
  • Tools equipped with artificial intelligence technology to offer accurate & quick outputs.
  • Accurately parse unstructured resumes and fetch the required data quickly.
  • Accelerates the recruitment process with 0% errors and mistakes.