In the hiring process, it is very important to accurately gauge the skill level of your candidates. It is essential to inspect their capabilities for the job they applied for. Assessing their skills require a lot of efforts and involve different skill tests like writing samples, a project, preparing a presentation. The candidate with enough quantifiable skill-set help the recruiters in choosing the right candidate. In sorting the best among the high volume of candidates, skills assessment ease the job of a hiring manager. Also, it helps them to know the exemplary knowledge of the top candidates. It offers an opportunity to the candidates as well to showcase their talent and give the perfect reason to the recruiters to hire him or her. jiTalent, the talent management software help the team in finding the ideal candidate which exactly match your business requirements. The in-built skill tests let you evaluate the proficiency of the candidates in order to take better and right decisions. Identify the deserving candidates for the vacancy who are hiring for. Make quicker decisions while you hire the candidates with jiTalent and build strong teams with our exciting tools and services!

Evaluate the proficiency of every candidate

  • Get the best out of the hiring process with the in-built skill tests.
  • Practice the best strategy to choose the right candidates.
  • No manual results and scores, get automated scoring for accurate results.
  • Instant results while saving your valuable time and efforts.

Onboard the right talent at the right time

  • Experience hassle-free online tests for identifying the right talent.
  • No more involvement of time and efforts of your hiring team.
  • Directly eliminates the chances of any sort of errors and human mistakes.
  • Enhance candidates experience in a smarter way.