Spending your precious time over the wrong candidates is such a pain for the hiring team members. Isn’t it? Taking out time from their busy schedules and interviewing the candidate which doesn’t fit the profile is actually a complete wastage of HR and the candidates too. However, with the evolution in technology trends, there emerged smart Applicant Tracking Systems which lets you stay out of the hassle and carry out hiring in a more easier, and a better way. Also, job seekers are becoming more strategic while choosing their career and the firm to build up their potentials. This has created much need for the tool or software for the hiring team that helps them to build their employer brand.

Thinking of making your hiring process tech-savvy, implement the applicant tracking system. This is one of the best strategies for improving your employer brand and improving your hiring process as well.

Know More About Employer Branding

The current employees and the candidates who approach your company to find the relevant job for them play a vital role in defining your company's reputation. In other words, candidate's and employer's experience go hand in hand thus play a crucial role in employer branding. According to the study conducted, the candidate experience broke into five stages:

  • Orientation: It is the primary stage, where the candidate evaluates the job market and opportunities available.
  • Consideration: The candidate invests time in considering the particular company and its culture.
  • Action: The candidate starts applying for jobs and starts doing research for companies to prepare for interviews.
  • Engagement: In this step candidates and potential employers interact with one another through interviews.
  • Onboarding: This includes employment screening, learning expectations and other formalities included in accepting the offer and the first day of work.


Also, the employer is able to


  • Find the information on a company's mission, values, benefits, and culture.
  • Clarifies the expectations for the open role.
  • Understand the complexities of the application process
  • Easily understand the company's mission and values


Nowadays, a job-seeker joined a firm with the expectation of being receiving the same respect and accountability as their current employees give them. It will boost employer brand, but here the question arises that how this all is possible? Well, the significant use of applicant tracking system help in organizing the efforts that you put in employer branding.


How Applicant Tracking System Boost Your Employer Brand?

Implementing an applicant tracking system simply means that from now on, all the CV’s will now be automatically analyzed and a proper track will be kept of all the resumes you have got through in the recent time. As a result, it eliminates the chances of committing human errors, saving a huge cost, time, efforts and resources of your organization while delivering the most accurate results. Wondering about what more benefits will an applicant tracking system offers to your hiring process?

Let’s get a closer view of all the top benefits an applicant tracking system will offer you.

  • Enhanced recruitment: Carrying out multiple tasks including interview scheduling, screening the best candidates, taking interviews has always been a tiresome task for the hiring teams. Not only, but this also requires huge time, efforts, resources, and attention too. While on the other hand, the applicant tracking system will simply eliminate all this hassle and let you carry out hiring automatically.
  • Employee Performance: As the applicant tracking system keeps a clear and complete record of every individual employee’s performance, it becomes easy to track about which all employees are working hard or are working overtime too.
  • Saves time & costs: While you carry out the hiring operations manually, it would simply demand a huge involvement of time, efforts, staff, and costs too. Isn’t it? Not only this, it comes up with getting wrong results due to human errors too. But switching to an applicant tracking system lets you carry out all the operations automatically without any human engagement while delivering you the error-free results.


Choosing the right vendor

These are just the basic benefits an applicant tracking system can offer you. There are many other interesting things which an applicant tracking system can do for your hiring team. But before you go for choosing a vendor, make sure you have made a thorough research over it. Once satisfied, then only take a step forward for making an investment.