About ToXSL

ToXSL Technologies is a renowned IT company which deals in Mobile and web application development sector. It has been dealing in the industry for the last 6 years and has successfully acquired around 1100+ customers worldwide. They have been using jiTalent for the last one year and have really felt the transformation in their hiring process. ToXSL Technologies was our first client to use jiTalent and is successfully using it till date. Recently, we conducted an interview with the ToXSL team to get an insight of their reviews regarding their experience with jiTalent, a product of jiWebTech.

What were the major challenges you faced while hiring?

Answer: During the initial startup of our hiring sessions, along with reviewing the resumes, our hiring team was nearby stuck in other tasks too including candidate screening, checking their documents, creating and maintaining job descriptions, and a lot more of tasks carried out in the company. Meanwhile, the resumes we collected got piled up and by the time we gave a call to the candidates for the interviews, they had already joined elsewhere. So, we were unable to attract and capture the candidates.

Moreover, one another major problem we encountered during that period was the management of payrolls, basically bonus and performance appraisals. As our organization is a wide one employing around 120+ employees, so it was a bit difficult for the HR team to monitor each and every candidate's performance. Thereby, it did happen that a portion of the records got mistaken while preparing the performance appraisal sheets.

While we were undergoing all these problems, we urgently required an ideal solution which could overcome all these issues in simply one go. And further, how we found jiTalent was the next step of our mission and there were several reasons for approaching jiTalent.

Why you chose jiTalent as your talent management software?

Answer: As we were already facing the above problems, we immediately started looking for various talent management software available in the market. Some wouldn’t fulfill all our needs, some were complex to deploy and use, while one we found good but it was simply out of our budget. And finally, one of our business partners suggested us jiTalent, we approached for it and analyzed what all it offers. And luckily, jiTalent satisfied all our required parameters in a framework which was effortlessly fitting in our financial plan. So, we took no more time and simply got it installed in our organization. And it hardly took time to integrate into our existing framework.

"Choosing jiTalent as our talent management software was a wise decision made by our team.  Beginning right from resume parsing, automatic attachment download, scheduling the candidates interviews and further managing the upcoming interviews, it was a wonderful experience being a part of your community" says the hiring team of ToXSL Technologies.

Which feature did you like the most in jiTalent?

Answer: Well, we just loved all of them as its simply an ultimate solution for us. However, managing the chaos while scheduling interviews is such a blessing for us. Scheduling interviews for multiple candidates at a time can easily be managed while making the entries in the calendar which helps our hiring team to keep a regular check about whose interview is scheduled on which date. Further, an automated confirmation of the candidates and providing feedback while choosing a candidate is the best part of jiTalent which made the hiring process simpler and easy to deal with.

Moreover, the feature of “parse resume” is just an outstanding solution which saves our time and makes it easily manageable too. The feature allows the HR to parse candidate resumes as per the defined parameters like qualification, experience required, and other desirable skills. Another interesting feature which we underwent is the online aptitude test they offer. It is easily conducted over a PC to analyze a candidate's aptitude level via a smooth and easy to use platform. As depending on the results of the test, we can easily find out if the candidate is suitable enough for the post or not.

Which new add-on do you expect from jiTalent?

Answer: One feature which I feel should be introduced in jiTalent is Background Check which can help enterprises in avoiding CV frauds. Background check utilizes information from third party resources like CVCheck, which helps screen potential applicants on behalf of the hiring team and get away from the wrong candidates. Obviously, choosing a wrong candidate can cost us adversely in future and would a major loss to the organization.

Which other tools are you using for the hiring process?

Answer: One such product of jiWebTech which we are quite impressed of is jiHRM. It is designed to implement AI in the HR process and is simply a one-stop solution for creating a better workplace. It directly automates and simplifies the HR process with its user-friendly framework.

On the whole, how was your experience with jiTalent till date?

Answer: Regardless of the size of an organization, either startup, or a medium-sized company, or even a large enterprise, jiTalent is simply a one-stop solution for all of them. It's an all-in-one package which we can avail without waiting for any second thoughts. So, I would simply recommend all the one out there who haven’t got a talent management software for their business, jiTalent is a gift for you. Get it at the earliest and EXPERIENCE THE BEST!!