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Talent Community- Why is it Necessary for your Organization?

Have you ever heard about the term- talent community? If not, no worries. Most of the people aren’t aware of this term yet. With the introduction of various talent management solutions, the whole industry experienced a total transformation in the way hiring was carried out. Agree? However, along with this, there seemed a need to stay in connection with the talented candidates and create a network with them. This is the point where talent community comes into play. Let's get a brief look that what exact...

Make Your HR Team Perform Better Using a Talent Management System

HR experts today utilize an assortment of means for recruitment. Some use social media, others promotion, and, overall the industries and organizations, the value automated recruitment software is being recognized. Research tells us 75% of HR professionals have implemented recruitment software, and 94% say that software has improved their hiring process. HR automation software can streamline most HR functions, including recruitment. It gives a seamless end to end management of open positions and candidate selection an...

Top 5 Recruitment Trends For the HR industry

Conducting an interview and hiring a candidate was simple before the latest technologies evolved out in the HR industry. With the increasing demands in the industry and with the growing competition, hiring has become the toughest task. Getting hired is easy while hiring a candidate has become a stressful job. With the introduction of talent management software, things got streaml...

How AI can Help in Better Talent Management?

In the midst of all the fuss about whether artificial intelligence is set to make or break the HR agenda, HR leaders are still figuring out ways to make AI work for them. The truth of the matter is that whether a people-enabler or a people-threat, artificial intelligence is taking over the enterprise. It is quickly gaining credibility for its potentially helpful capabilities such as learning, problem-solving, discernment, investigation of basic skills for business success. How at that point can HR leaders take advantage of this...

How Delay in Recruitment can Harm your Organization?

It has never been an easy task while you are set out to choose the best candidate out of all. Isn't it? You already have a mindset that the candidate must have all these qualities and skills as expected by you. However, there are chances that you are expecting more and might not end up in getting the perfect candidate. Thereby, you get stuck in a delayed recruitment while searching for the perfect candidate.  Risks of delay in the recruitment process

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Social Media for Hiring

Utilizing social media for business and, more particularly, for recruitment is not new. Truth be told, the recruitment business was one of the first to really grasp the power of social media for accomplishing business objectives, realizing that the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond are the place their target market of jobseekers hang out. Consistently and cost-effectively attracting the best ability through social media is not as simple as some HR departments and recruitment organizations might think. The bes...

Deploying a Talent Management Solution to Maximize Your Business Efficiency

Ever wondered that instead of putting your maximum efforts to carry out HR tasks, you still don’t get desired outputs? Is there anything you are doing wrong or missing out? Maybe not. But there are many such aspects that play a vital role in the hiring process which we are unaware of. Only hard work doesn’t hold the key to success, present time demands some smart tactics and latest technology trends too. With the expansion of technology, we have found automated software which can just transform the HR tasks completely.

Enhancing the On-boarding Experience of New-Hires

Regardless of whether a customer enjoyed shopping at a specific store is unquestionably connected to the experience with the employees in the store. In addition to this, online competition has caused an expansion in the standard of customer service that is now required, with consumers heavily researching their purchases, comparison shopping and seeking convenience. It is now more vital than ever for the HR function of retailers to create and support a company culture that grasps a positive shopping experience for each customer.