Have you ever heard about the term- talent community? If not, no worries. Most of the people aren’t aware of this term yet. With the introduction of various talent management solutions, the whole industry experienced a total transformation in the way hiring was carried out. Agree? However, along with this, there seemed a need to stay in connection with the talented candidates and create a network with them. This is the point where talent community comes into play. Let's get a brief look that what exactly is talent community and how will it benefit your organization.

What is a talent community?

A talent community is a concept which allows the recruiters to build a pipeline of the candidates who are interested in your organization but aren't yet planning to join it. Creating a talent community lets you engage these candidates via sharing opportunities, or referrals. Talent community also presents a unique way for recruiters to offer the jobseekers a clear view of your organization regarding the latest updates, news, and activities being held in the company. This will help the companies to stay in contact with the passive candidates and grasp the opportunity to seek the right talent for their organization.

Creating a talent community for your organization

Creating a talent community lets you decrease the pressure while you are searching the suitable candidates on an urgent basis. The talent community will present a clear list of all those candidates who either actively or passively engaged with your HR staff. Thus, making the hiring process hassle-free, accurate, and quick for you. Bringing the concept of talent community act in real life may not be an easy process for some of you as it might seem like a whole new concept. So, let us get a quick overview of some basic steps which your organization must adapt to put talent community into real practice.

  1. Candidate relationship management software(CRM): Implementing CRM solution for your organization lets you gather the complete information of the candidates including his/her qualification details, work experience, and personal details on a single automated panel. As the data is kept over one central location, it becomes easy for the recruiters to access the candidate data and carry out further communication with the candidates.
  2. Automating candidate communication: Staying in touch is the most prior thing if you plan to build a good network with the candidates. For this, you need to automate the text and email campaigns. Make sure that your company is receiving relevant content via setting up email updates and reach out maximum candidates. Once done with this, its time to segment your audience and you can start by organizing your talent community into various groups like business-focused careers, etc.
  3. Stay updated in the network: To stay ahead of the competition you must join online groups, or get in touch with potential candidates with the help of social media. Once you get in touch with the candidates, you can ask them to join your talent community. This would help your organization in hitting the right target at the right time with no delays.
  4. Stay connected with your past employees: Your past employees who left your organization for good reasons can be quiet helpful for you. As they had a good experience while working in your company and gained knowledge, they could suggest your company to their network further. So, being in touch with them is a good decision. Got for it.

No doubt that building a talent community is not a thing to be done overnight. It would require a lot of efforts, patience, and time of your staff but the results are definitely effective. So, waste no more time and sit with your team to discuss the strategy. Focus on every single aspect and build a strong talent community for a better future of your organization.