Can you quickly name some of the latest hiring trends you came along recently? The list isn't too short. Beginning right from social recruiting, the introduction of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, to the latest talent management tools and software, the HR industry faced a huge transformation. Agree? Hiring has now become more easy, quick, and streamlined while delivering the most accurate outputs.

Out of all these major updates in the hiring industry, one of the most prominent ones is "Video Interviewing". Ever heard about video interviewing? If not, it's high time to get a clear view and implement it at the earliest.

What is video interviewing?

As the demands of the HR Industry increases day by day, it becomes challenging to stay within the race and attract the right talent. So, to cope up with it, there is a need to adopt some smart strategy like video interviewing. Video interviewing, also known as virtual interviewing is a form of job interview which is conducted remotely using video technology. This helps the HR's to save time and efforts while taking more accurate and smarter decisions.

2 types of video interviews

  1. One way recorded interviewing: In this, the recruiters send certain questions to the candidate before their scheduled interview. Candidates can further go through the questions and answer it accordingly.
  2. Two way live interviewing: This is similar to a face to face interview in which the job seeker and the recruiter plan a timing and interview is carried out through video conferencing.

Benefits of video interviewing

  1. Flexible interview process: In this busy and ever-running world, everyone seeks an opportunity to get quickly hired. Isn't it? Carrying out video interviews will let the candidates easily give an interview while saving a huge time on both the ends. A particular timing can be decided and interview can be conducted from a remote place without any time delays or any other barrier.
  2. Easy access to international candidates: Breaking the location barriers, we can carry out the interview with a candidate from any corner of the world. This lets you hunt the right talent regardless of the location and time issues.
  3. Multimedia enriched experience: Along with carrying out the interview with the candidate, you can check the candidate's social media profiles, online portfolio, other live project samples too. This will assist you in taking better and quick decisions as you can review the candidates' information quickly and accurately.
  4. Review past video interviews: While carrying out traditional form of interviews, we quite often forget some of the points. Isn't it? Carrying out a video interview gives you a benefit of reviewing the video interview whenever you are analyzing a candidates profile. You can further share the details with other stakeholders and make the further evaluation.
  5. Easy collaboration with the team: Conducting a video interview allows the complete hiring team to view a candidate's video interview and accordingly by giving feedback. This lets you take the decision as per everyone's reviews and thereby making accurate decisions.
  6. Time-saving solution: Most of the job seekers do not join a company just because the HR took quite a long time while responding back to them. On the other hand, carrying out video interview lets you make quicker decisions and save your time and candidates time too.

Hitting the target!

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