Conducting an interview and hiring a candidate was simple before the latest technologies evolved out in the HR industry. With the increasing demands in the industry and with the growing competition, hiring has become the toughest task. Getting hired is easy while hiring a candidate has become a stressful job. With the introduction of talent management software, things got streamlined to a great extent and manageable on the HR team's end.

So, with the daily growing demands in the HR industry, it becomes essential for you to stay sound of all the latest hiring tools, techniques, and strategies which are practised in the HR industry for better workflow. This would not only make it easy for your hiring staff to hire efficiently, rather it would help you in taking your business to the whole new level. So, it's high time that you must know the latest trends which are practised in the HR industry and make your business stand unique in the industry.

  1. Rise of automation: Introducing the concept of Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, chatbots, and machine learning has made talent hunting more easy and reliable on the hiring staff's end.

    • i) Artificial intelligence for candidate screening(AI): Automated algorithms can be used while screening the resumes and interacting with the candidates. This will assist you indirectly accelerating the hiring process.

    • ii) Virtual reality(VR): Simply showcasing the company's work area, culture, and other milestones attained can let the candidates get a clear idea about your company. This will help them in making better decisions.

    • iii) Augmented reality(AR): The concept of augmented reality helps in making interactive candidate experience. In simple words, a candidate can walk through the company, participate in a mock client meeting and a lot more.

  2. Social recruitment: Social media can be quiet helpful for professional marketing. As most of them are looking for jobs over online platforms, we can benefit from social media and post the job vacancies over it for more attention from the candidates. 

  3. Job auditions: Companies can conduct job auditions under which you'll pay the candidates for a task conducted at the time of hiring. This will let you know their skills and abilities in action and get a clear idea about the deserving candidates.

  4. Casual interviews: These interviews can be conducted randomly at any place where the candidates are present, like the waiting areas or even cafeteria, where you can briefly ask them some questions. This would help you in recognizing the right talent quickly and make better decisions for hiring.

  5. Video interviews: To save your time and candidates time and identify the top talent, you can conduct video interviews. This would assist you in saving time as these interviews will let you know about the deserving candidates and not waste time on the other ones.

With the evolving technology trends in hiring, it will no longer be difficult to get hired, while getting the right talent for your company would be a major concern. So, before getting late, make your hiring process up to date while choosing a perfect talent management software for your organization. Have any questions or queries? Get in touch with our team at any time and get assistance from us. Our team would be glad to hear from you!