Have you at any point had a candidate who looked perfect on paper, however, at the end of the day failed to meet expectations on their part? In some cases, if a candidate's past experience looks pipe dream, it is. During the employing procedure organizations of all sizes from small business to multinational corporations can succumb to candidates with fake CVs. Not exclusively does it hold up the hiring procedure, CV fraud can also undermine the reputation of an organization.

Here’s how to spot and avoid it when making your next hire.

What is CV Fraud?

CV fraud can take numerous forms, from an embellished history of volunteer work or a padded-out work course of events to qualifications from a college the candidate has never set foot in.

Why do people commit CV Fraud?

With a consistently expanding pool of candidates competing for positions in a competitive employment landscape, it is no big surprise some unscrupulous applications attempt to pick up a major advantage over the competition. With HR groups hesitant to conduct background checks on candidates, expanding numbers of fake CVs are going undetected, regardless of applicants confronting robust fines if caught. With numerous job postings now requiring a bachelor's degree or higher to be considered for the part, the web has made it less complex and more secure to get the fake qualifications required to get a foot in the door.

Which Industries Attract the Most Padded Resumes?

Not all industries were made equivalent, and some attract more adorned CVs than others. Sectors like hospitality and retail normally observe a high volume of imaginative cases. All the more worryingly, finance and healthcare services brag a portion of the largest amounts of embellished resumes. Here are the ventures that see the most imaginative methodologies in the applications they get:

  • Finance: 73%
  • Leisure and Hospitality: 71%
  • Information and Technology: 63%
  • Healthcare: 63%
  • Retail: 59%

How to Avoid CV Fraud? 

With a growing pile of applications, by what means can an HR team find an opportunity to guarantee every CV they acknowledge through is accurate and honest? The routine with regards to background screening is ending up widely recognized as an essential step in the hiring procedure, with 71% of best US employers conducting complete candidate checks. Background screening utilizes information from third party resources like CVCheck, which help assess and screen potential applicants on behalf of the hiring team.

Having your background check provider integrated with your recruitment framework makes conducting background checks a consistent part of your hiring procedure. This training diminishes the potential danger of an unsuitable hire and frees up recruiters to focus on hiring the best candidate for the role, instead of searching out potential cases of fraud.

Summing Up

Hiring can make or break a business, and an awful or false hire can cost innumerable hours of time and cash, leaving the HR team back at square one. While CV fraud might be a more board issue than numerous individuals understand, the good news is methodology like background screening would now be able to guarantee the credibility of a competitor's cases before they have even strolled through the door.