Choosing a talent management system is as daunting as it’s ever been. Not only are there more systems to choose from, there is also more commonality than ever among features and functions in these next-generation systems. But there are ways to reliably separate pretenders from contenders, according to experts. Here are some points that encourage customers to choose jiTalent as their talent management system. 

Modern User Experience: It is not unrealistic to desire your consumer technology experience to be the same or similar to your B2B software and SaaS solutions. The technologies we use in our personal lives are enjoyable and that is why our customers come to us to deliver the same experience in their day job. The ability to match your brand and your organization’s culture in a delightful and intuitive online and mobile experience is just the beginning.

jiTalent can be easily personalized to fit your natural working style with a home space configured to make your day more productive.

Adaptable and Extensible: Would not it be nice if your systems were agile, up-to-date and easily configurable as your needs change whether it is re-organization, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, or regulatory compliance changes? Our customers think so, too. You can easily configure your organizational chart, model your workforce with their compensation data, and set up processes without IT’s involvement. A complete, one-stop shop for your team to get their work done independently and efficiently.

Security and Privacy: jiTalent has a strong security culture, formal security policies, and our products have been used for mission-critical government and enterprise applications across the world. The last thing we want our customers to do is to worry if their data is secure. We employ some of the world’s foremost security experts in information, database, application, infrastructure, and network security bringing you the best team to back up your data requirements.

Business Value: Our customers leverage our simply powerful HCM cloud application to drive business value through better user engagement and adoption, streamlined processes, improved productivity, and lower total cost of ownership. With jiTalent, we try to enhance the HR efficiency by reducing HR processing time by 50% and external IT support by 80%.

Innovation: Our customers love that they can create emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and the Internet of Things. Each year, we invest a huge amount in R&D so we can bring you the latest technology and incorporate customer sourced ideas.

These were some of the most prominent features that enable people to choose jiTalent as their talent management system. It comes with a number of many more features that helps the HR team of an organization to reduce the hard work and be more efficient with the smart work. Get in touch with us know the details.