It is such a good thing on HR's part when they are onboarding candidates for their organization. Isn't it? And of course, candidates are excited too for facing the new opportunities, learning new things, and getting the chance to work with professionals. Onboarding remains as one of the top priorities as it represents the brand image of your organization. But the thing that most of the industry makers forget is about offboarding. Welcoming a candidate while onboarding is a good thing but appreciating his/her efforts during offboarding is another essential part on your end.

Why proper offboarding is necessary?

These days, when candidates choose a company for their career, they totally depend on the reviews posted on social media, or even Glassdoor to get an idea about the people's insight. So, if your current employees aren't happy and are serving their notice period, you are in danger. There are chances that they will share something bad about your company. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you say goodbye in a better way and perform perfect offboarding.

Want to know the top practices you must adopt for carrying out perfect offboarding and make your employees happy while their final goodbye? Keep reading and know more about it.

Discuss the reason behind resignation: In many organizations, HR hardly bothers about the resignation of employees but knowing the actual reason for the why employee is leaving your firm is very important. By doing this you get the chance to improve your strategies that are disliked by your employees and may reduce the chance of losing potential candidates. As an HR you can do this by conducting an open and transparent discussion with your employees before they leave your organization.

Value their industry knowledge and skills: It often happens that there are certain tasks or skills which only a few of the employees know or have access to. And if that employee is serving notice period, make sure you discuss with them about how you can get better with those skills. Moreover, ask them to train and deliver those skills to the other existing employees.

Encourage employee retention: Suppose an employee leaves the company all of a sudden without any information, the other employees will obviously guess the reasons behind their sudden departure. They might feel that the company has fired the employee and the same might happen with them in the future. So, it becomes necessary that you make things clear with your employees before getting questioned by your employees.

Your brand name is in your hands

Now its all in your hands, if you leave your employees simply hanging without a good interaction with them, there are 99% chances that he will bad mouth about your organization as soon as he leaves your organization. There are chances of presenting a bad name of your organization by posting bad reviews over Glassdoor and other social media platforms. Do not forget that the way you tackle your employees and the way you behave with them is going to represent your brand name in the industry.

If you do not bother about your employees' complaints then be prepared to hear bad feedbacks and reviews from your old employees. Still, if you have any queries and want to know more techniques to retain your employees or want to know more about successful offboarding, feel free to connect with us. Our team would be glad to assist you round the clock.