Searching for a job is no more a difficult task. Getting hired is a different thing, but looking for the jobs in the preferred field has become easily viable these days. There are endless job portals available in the job market these days where you get a huge number of jobs, either matching your job or even other ones too. Agree? But, you might have heard job seekers complaining that they fail to find the appropriate job suggestion on these portals.

This is true, in spite of providing various job portals, still, they fail to meet the job seekers requirements. So, here we have prepared a complete list of reasons that why job portals aren't always perfect for recruitment. Go through these points and get a better view of you can work upon it and carry out efficient hiring for your organization.

Top Reasons Why Job Portals Aren’t Always Perfect

No doubt job portals have made lives easier for job seekers to fetch the right opportunity for themselves, but still, it might turn up as the clumsiest platform. It might disappoint the job seekers and make it difficult for the hiring team to recruit candidates efficiently.

  1. A clutter of resumes: You might find piles of resumes on the site including the incomplete ones, irrelevant, not applicable, or resumes for the expired jobs. And this results in a big confusion for the recruiters as the resumes collected get multiplied with time.
  2.  Losing Relevancy: Whenever a job seeker searches a particular job, the results also contain a list of jobs which are irrelevant as per the job seekers search keyword. Thie leaves a negative impact and even sometimes candidates go for a job which they hardly know about.
  3. Lack of Information: Whenever a new job Ad is posted, some of them don't mention the necessary information about that post. Resulting in wrong candidates applying for the post which are not even eligible for it. Moreover, a bundle of useless applications gets accumulated over the database.
  4. No Communication: Once a job seeker has applied for a particular job, he simply receives an email or a message mentioning the interview and screening with no further contact details or information of the employer. This makes the candidates waiting and by the employer reaches them, the job seekers have already switched.
  5. Spamming: As a candidate applies for a job, his/her details gets saved over the database. And in future, he might start receiving emails or messages to apply for an institute and get training or write a competitive exam, and so on.
  6. Ignoring the Applicants: We often hear candidates complaining that they didn't get a callback either about their interview schedule or about the result. Recruiter keeps them waiting and hanging around which leaves a negative impact on them. 
  7. Pricing: Job seekers are often asked to purchase a plan where they can access exclusive jobs and other features. They are also told that they will be given a more priority to get noticed by the recruiter, but this is totally wrong and this might let you lose the right talent.
  8. Fake Job Listings: Every minute there are hundreds of jobs which get posted over the web. And out of these, there are ones which are expired or are falsely presented. And this is done just to seek attention from job seekers and get their brand name to attain spotlight.

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