Regardless of whether a customer enjoyed shopping at a specific store is unquestionably connected to the experience with the employees in the store. In addition to this, online competition has caused an expansion in the standard of customer service that is now required, with consumers heavily researching their purchases, comparison shopping and seeking convenience. It is now more vital than ever for the HR function of retailers to create and support a company culture that grasps a positive shopping experience for each customer.

Anyway, with a youthful, seasonal and transient workforce, where do you even begin to execute HR strategies that can promote your brand and image? ONBOARDING, of course! Onboarding is a challenge for most organizations, however, when you need to hire short-term employees in volume, the challenge only just increases. Not only do you need to onboard an extensive volume of people rapidly, however, the time period to guarantee employee is shorter, making more space for error, especially if you are following manual procedures.

And of course, you also have the challenge of getting everybody up to speed both as far as training and adjusting them to your organization vision. Fortunately, a talent management system can enable organizations to implement simple procedures within the retail onboarding procedure to make it more impactful. These techniques incorporate setting up a mechanized onboarding program that will collect and retain forms, provide a tailored induction/training experience and engage new employees to make them feel welcome.

This not just makes life simpler for HR by enhancing efficiencies and automated record-keeping, however, enables the new employee to get comfortable with both the company culture and their colleagues. Another thing to remember is that millennials are technology "natives". The ease of access and use of technology is all they have ever known and a lot of them spend their lives on a device. With the frustration millennials have inefficient technology in mind, automated processes are now becoming more than something that is handy to have.

Getting an employee on-boarded into the business ought to be seen as more than a sales training or orientation program. It is a composed plan that is designed to help your new retail associates get immediately implanted into the organization, its vision and the position that they have just accepted. Changing this viewpoint, and putting an automated program into an action, is something other than remaining up to date with times, yet also about the tangible business results that come subsequently:

  1. Increased employee retention
  2. Decreased time to productivity
  3. Improvement in overall customer satisfaction
  4. Improvement in the company brand
  5. Reduction in time and money spent on new hires

The requirement for viable onboarding solutions is clear and we are consistently observing more research that uncovers exactly that it is so profitable to begin workers off on the right foot. The first period of new employees work is pivotal to their prosperity and, by expansion, the achievement of your business. Want to see what the future of OnBoarding looks like? Get in touch with us today!