Are you still struggling during your hiring sessions by making a call to every candidate you find suitable for the post? Is your HR team still struggling while scheduling multiple interviews each day? Are they having difficulty while preparing employee performance appraisals? Are they unable to manage the huge paperwork of all the employee documents? If your answer is a yes, then you are in the right place! This blog is totally for the ones having issues with their hiring and recruitment process. We have a perfect solution for you which will overcome all the above problems in one go.

Talent Management Software

Despite the advancement in the technology trends, there are many organizations who still carry out daily HR related tasks manually. This directly points to the total wastage of time, labor, and resources. Thereby giving rise to errors and unnoticed mistakes too. Talent management software is one such solution which will make the HR tasks operate on an automated platform to make hiring an easy and error-free process.

Looking for the perfect software!

With the wide options in the market, you just can’t randomly choose a software and go for it. Rather if you choose a wrong software it would cost you adversely instead of benefitting you. At this point, it becomes necessary to identify the ideal talent management software which has tools to fulfill all your requirements, is easy to integrate, user-friendly and cost-effective too. Neglecting these aspects would be a major loss for you.

Once you are ready to search for a talent management software in the market, it becomes essential that you are aware of features a talent management software must include. Here is a list of features which every ideal software will hold!

  1. Updated reminders: Choose a talent management software that reminds you regularly of the upcoming interviews, joining dates, relieving dates and other necessary information to stay updated with the upcoming events. Knowing the tasks in advance will make you work smoothly and let you stay away from the hassle!
  2. Employee tracking: Obviously, going through all the CV’s you receive isn’t possible if done manually. Make sure that the software includes an employee tracking feature which will keep a track on the CV’s received and gather the ones which are suitable according to the vacancy your company requires.
  3. Performance appraisals: Imagine the situation where you have to review, confirm, and print the performance appraisal letter hundreds of times, and then get finalized. It's quite irritating and obviously time-consuming. To rescue this, automated online performance appraisal letters made an entry to reduce the time limit to a minimal level and carrying out the process automatically.
  4. Time tracking & scheduling: Keeping a record of the name of the candidates coming for the interview on a particular day, their time slots, checking the availability of the interviewers at that time, etc is just not possible if done manually. It will bring along a lot of errors. So, the software must have a feature of an easy to use panel which will present a clear view of the allotted time slots and the free ones.
  5. Online tests: Rather than conducting tests on paper and spending time on checking them, choose a software which removes this hassle and saves your time. It must be able to offer online test feature which gives automated scoring, instant results, in a user-friendly manner to identify the deserving and right candidates.
  6. Feedbacks: Informing every candidate right after the interview results are declared, is a tough and time-consuming task. Automated reverts can be sent via talent management software which informs the candidate whether he is selected or rejected. Moreover, for the internal communication amongst the HR team about the reviews of a candidate can be shared via the panel. All the gathered feedback will help in deciding the results easily.
  7. Mass mailing: While recruiting its simply not possible to email every candidate individually and spend the whole day doing it.Right? Look for a software that creates campaigns and sends bulk emails to get noticed by the ideal candidates and helps multiply the conversions of the eligible candidates.

So, if you are struggling with the HR related tasks in your organization, its high time that you make a switch to a perfect talent management software and feel the difference yourself. It will not only smoothen the daily tasks but it will offer you accurate outputs and save your precious time.

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