To attract top talent, you have to give an incredible candidate experience and leave a positive impression at each touchpoint during the recruitment process. Giving a quality candidate experience is directly identified with recruitment and bottom line success. But, how would you know you are conveying a good experience? Or on the other hand, maybe more vitally, how would you know whether you have to audit and enhance it?

Determining what you are doing great and what you could enhance are both basic parts of the HR work. You may have the most exciting recruitment posters, yet in the event that your candidate experience is lacking, you will in any case battle to pull in top quality candidates. Here are a few things to look out for that will tell when it is a great opportunity to review your candidate experience:

  1. Trouble Finding Good Candidates: In the event that you are doing things right, you ought to experience no difficulty pulling in qualified candidates. At the point when this does not occur, it is regularly in light of the fact that you are not attracting enough consideration to all that your organization brings to the table. The best talent realizes that they are great, and they won't agree to any not as much as the best. Unless there is something extraordinary to grab their eye, they are not prone to go burrowing for obscure opportunities.
  2. Not Getting Enough Attention on Social Media: To an ever-increasing extent, people are utilizing social media to find employment opportunities. Qualified candidates frequently follow their most loved brands on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find out about organization news and new work openings. So it is essential to keep these channels up-to-date and engaging. Social media is a vital bit of your employer brand and can be utilized to demonstrate competitors precisely what makes your organization an incredible work environment.
  3. Getting a Lot of Unqualified Applicants: A good candidate experience originates from individuals having the capacity to rapidly and effortlessly tell if they fit the bill for a position. Listings with obscure job descriptions or qualification requirements will disappoint individuals. Getting a large number of inadequate reactions to your posting wastes significant time that could be spent assessing qualified candidates. To evade this, ensure your job description clearly depict the expectations for the open role.
  4. Candidates Without Questions: A good interview ought to be a two-way dialogue. While the employer may have a slight edge, an interview should include equal participation from both sides. Engaging interviews will leave individuals with a positive impression of you as an employer, regardless of whether you don't wind up making them an offer. These kinds of meetings happen when competitors get ready in advance and set aside an opportunity to find out about the organization.
  5. Getting a Number of Follow-Up Emails: A standout amongst the most disappointing things for any candidate is getting no reaction from an employer. On the off chance that you do not react to an online application, that is alright, however, once you have made the first contact, it is vital to communicate. Else, you are probably going to leave a negative impact on a candidate that causes issues down the road for you regardless of whether you plan to make an offer.

On the off chance that your recruiting team is encountering any combination of these situations, it may be an ideal opportunity to focus around enhancing your candidate experience. Doing as such will help endeavor your recruiting efforts more effective by pulling in top ability that can help transform your business.