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Significant Role of ERP in Talent Management System!

Identifying the right talent and the best suitable candidates for your organization is no more a difficult task. All thanks to the evolution of technology which presented us amazing talent management systems to streamline hiring. Hiring has now become easy, accurate, and quick with no hassle and pain. May it be employee tracking, automated recruitment, attachment download, reminders for upcoming interviews, scheduling interviews, or even mass mailing has become easy just because of talent management systems. ERP into t...

Improving the Employee Experience in Your Organization

The employee experience in an organization matters a lot. However, numerous organizations do not invest sufficient time and resources ensuring their employee experience is very much designed and aligned with organizational culture. To guarantee that employee experience stays relevant and valuable, it is essential to assess the procedure. Furthermore, that does not mean the assessment process should be costly or lengthy. In a survey led by 

Blockchain Technology: Accelerating the Hiring Process!

Forget about the major industries where technology has proved itself! Even the homes have become automated in the recent time. And obviously, all credit goes to the evolution of technology we are experiencing. Is it all hype? Is it indicating us to the next level of technology world? Then what about the HR industry? Is the HR industry also undergoing any such transformation or not? We have answers to all your questions! And if you already had any of these questions in your mind, then this blog is ultimately for you!

Must have features for your talent management software

Are you still struggling during your hiring sessions by making a call to every candidate you find suitable for the post? Is your HR team still struggling while scheduling multiple interviews each day? Are they having difficulty while preparing employee performance appraisals? Are they unable to manage the huge paperwork of all the employee documents? If your answer is a yes, then you are in the right place! This blog is totally for the ones having issues with their hiring and recruitment process. We have a perfect solution for you which will overcome all the above...

Is Your Recruitment Process Costing You Time and Money?

Hiring a new employee, while being critical to an organization's continuous success, can regularly be a long and tiring process. According to a Glassdoor study conducted on almost 83,921 interview reviews, organizations require a normal of 23 days to screen and hire a new employee. So, what are the effects of this...

Benefits of Implementing Applicant Tracking System!

Being an HR it has never been easy while hiring an ideal candidate. Wasting time on the wrong and ineligible candidates are such a pain for the HR team. Agree? In order to tackle all these HR-related problems, many of the organizations took benefit of the talent management software which comprises an automated applicant tracking system to streamline all the CV-related operations.   An Automated Applicant Tracking System

Types of Hiring Bias and How to Avoid Them

Consciously or unconsciously there is hiring bias attached to each decision we make. Settling on the correct choice while hiring is essential to any organization as it will decide whether the new hire will be an ideal match for the required aptitudes, the team attitude, and the organizational culture. Today, technology and data have been of enormous help while making recruitment decisions. We have more data, and we can combine this data to settle on the best possible choice for any occasion. Nevertheless, the ones who...

Make Your Hiring Process Better With Online Tests!

Do you remember when was the last time you made a reminder on a sticky note regarding your meeting in the evening? None of you would say a yes because we all set reminders on our smartphones instead of writing it down. Right? Reason being we have switched to automated technology in a matter of seconds. The technology evolution has streamlined all sectors, may it be healthcare, manufacturing, automobiles, and what not. Along with the race so did the hiring process automated! Want to know how? Here we have a blog to describe the influence of technology in the hiring...