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Some of the Best On-boarding Practices for Your Organization

The upsides of great onboarding are clear: almost 60% of new employees will probably remain with your organization beyond three years on the off chance that they encounter a positive introduction to the organization. Despite this, an excessive number of organizations still do not put enough time and assets into new employee onboarding. The best onboarding practices should make your new hires acquainted with organization culture, information, and behavior, and also their performance expectations.

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Improve Your Hiring Process By Adding These Simple Tricks!

Appointing a new talent is not an easy task. It needs a lot of time and patience to pick an appropriate individual according to the requirements of the profile. In case, the hiring process does not run smoothly, it could deter possible candidates. Most of the people think that the process of recruitment includes steps like reviewing applications,  interviewing candidates, etc. But is not that easy as it sounds. Today, there are a number of tools and appl...

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10 Best Recruiting Tips Which You Need To Know!

The recruitment process of an organization plays a very major role in the overall growth and progression. For a successful recruiting strategy, you need to invest more time and better collaboration with all the team members. But it is not that simple as it seems. So to make it little easy and give you an idea of the overall procedure, here we have discussed 10 best recruiting tips. Consider Employee Referrals First:

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Factors to Consider Before you Start the Hiring Process for your Organization

Hiring an employee is an important decision that has a significant impact on your company. There are various questions that hiring managers or employers should ask themselves prior making a hiring decision. A few questions should be addressed before recruiting, while other questions may be addressed after screening the eligible job candidates. Explain Company Culture: Company culture fit embraces many aspects of an employee&rsq...

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