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Make Hiring Simpler and Better With Chatbots

Suppose its a Friday evening and you are hurrying towards your weekend. But you have piles of work pending on your to do list like making calls to candidates, mailing offer letters to the new joinee, and attending a meeting with the marketing manager. Now what? You really have a lot to do. Have you ever faced this situation? 9 out of 10 HR's face this problem on a regular basis and they just end up distributing their task to their other team members. But do you think this is the way out to the problem? Maybe not! Recruitment and chatbots

Reduce Hiring Time With These Simple Tips

Hiring a candidate is simply like a do or die situation. It is very important to be alert while choosing the right candidate  or else you will end up regretting in the future. It takes hours and days for choosing the right candidate for the required position and even after that if he turns out to be unsuitable, you simply can't do anything about it. We all are well aware of this fact. Isn't it? But the actual problem which still needs to be a tackle in the hiring process is how to cho...

Why To Choose Talent Management System for Better Hiring

As the technology trends are growing rapidly in the hiring industry, candidate demands expand parallelly. Agree? So, hiring needs to be more streamlined and accurate enough to meet the customer demands. And along with this race, if you are choosing the wrong talent management system for your organization, be prepared to face the consequences. No doubt, choosing the perfect talent management system is a stressful task, still, if you make deep research and then choose a talent management system for your organization, you can at...

Reasons Why Job Portals Aren’t Always Perfect

Searching for a job is no more a difficult task. Getting hired is a different thing, but looking for the jobs in the preferred field has become easily viable these days. There are endless job portals available in the job market these days where you get a huge number of jobs, either matching your job or even other ones too. Agree? But, you might have heard job seekers complaining that they fail to find the appropriate job suggestion on these portals. This is true, in spite of providing various job portals, still, they fail to me...

Artificial Intelligence Impacting Talent Management Solutions

Hiring has been one of the key focus areas for any organization for a considerable length of time. Let us understand how recruiting era has changed over this period. If we talk about the 1970s, recruiting as a process was more Employer centric which included a lot of individualized touches, phone and networks, high agency reliance and a ton of expenses. Looking at the circumstance now, the 2010s, we have moved to a world which is more relationship-centric and is known as the digitization time wherein you have the rise...

Why Employer Branding is Necessary for Efficient Hiring?

The competition amongst companies to attract and recruit the ideal talent remains unbeatable. Isn't it? And why not, it is a necessity in the industry to stay ahead of the competitors while hiring the right talent for your organization. And along this whole way, good employer branding indicates the success of your organization. Aren't aware of employer branding? No worries! Let's have a quick view of what is employer branding and how it affects the hiring process. What is employer branding?

Trending Tips to Hire the Right Talent for Startup Businesses

Identifying and then recruiting the right talent has been the most difficult task. And mostly in the case of startups, hiring process leaves the HR's in a big dilemma that how to carry out effective hiring. And during the startup stage of a business, it is very necessary to hire the right talent to create an identity of their business in the industry. Agree? So, it is just not done if you fail to identify the right candidates for your organization. Hiring for startup businesses Most of the startup owners feel th...

Effective Ways to Make Your Employee Referral Program Successful

Ever referred a friend while hiring is going on in your company? Maybe you would have done that at least once. Isn't it? And if you are the hiring team member, then you can get an idea that what a relief you get when you get a candidate referred from one of the employees. No doubt that the employee referral programs help you in saving time and make hiring simpler for you, but there are cases where the employee referral programs might fail due to certain hidden reasons. According to a