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By | October 24th, 2016

Industrial Training has become essential choice for all of aspiring students as well as professionals who seek to improve their career prospects. The training course offers comprehensive educational programs that are highly proficient, smooth and strictly industry oriented. It comes with a robust curriculum that is specially designed to enable the students to distinguish the different industrial practices, norms and understand the responsibilities in a better manner.

The fast paced competitive world has redefined the value of training for engineering students. The technical degree courses belongs to IT field such as B.Sc/M.Sc, B.Tech/M.tech and IT related diploma courses. 6 months project based training programs are extremely important part of this curriculum.

ToXSL Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers 6 Months project based training for college and universities undergraduates/graduates/postgraduates in Mohali which is exclusively project based and job oriented training. This exclusive program is designed for students who are looking to master their technical skills. Basically this curriculum is the preferred choice of Engineering students or other technical students and professionals as it offers an opportunity to get experience by working on real time projects.

Importance and Objectives:

The main objective of the 6 months/6 weeks curriculum has traditionally been considered as a growth of the professional career of a fresh engineering students and it is the most common method of the harvesting skilled engineers. In addition to this, a well structured projects within the curriculum are required to strengthen the practical skills of the students.

Training Outcomes:

  • Ability to be a multi-skilled engineer with good technical knowledge, management, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Awareness of the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibility as an engineer.
  • Capability to communicate effectively.
  • Offers important project enhancement and skills development techniques.
  • Ability to achieve and apply fundamental principles of engineering and technology.
  • Capability for self-improvement through continuous professional development and life-long learning.
In nutshell, this exclusive program significantly improved the “personal attitude, communication skills and work attitude. The experience gained from training open the doors of better employment prospects. The course is made productive in every sense and it is designed in such a way that it provides a platform to the aspiring students to fulfill their dreams.

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By | October 19th, 2016

Finding job opportunities is always a momentous event for every college student’s life. Researching the best employers, reflecting on your priorities helps you to choose the best career path. In the whole world there would be a place where every job would give you all that you want without giving you a bag of worries.

Here are some important steps that helps you to take best decision for your career.

Classify Job Offers:

If you are the lucky person who have multiple job offers and you may not feeling so lucky when it’s time to make an important decision. Choosing between jobs can be the most difficult part of job hunting process. Gaining knowledge about the company, comparing your own priorities with those of the company and evaluating your options can help with your decision.

Know About the Organization:

Before going for the interview, you have to do a research on the company such as visiting company websites, asking questions, review from the ex-employees, contacting who conducted your interview and asking the company’s human resources representatives are all the best ways to learn about the company.

Reflect On Your Priorities:

Make a list of what you are looking for in a company, a job and a career. No one company is a fairy tale that allow your absolute creativity to come before. After you make this list, see how each offer is able to satisfy your needs and desires.
Here are the main questions you want to ask that should be on your priority list:

  • What are your professional goals?
  • What will make you happy?
  • Satisfactory salary
  • Personal development
  • Meeting of goals
Ask For An Extension:

Many companies ask you to make a decision about an offer within a week. However, offers are often considered contingent which means it's dependent upon your specific conditions. Asking for development, gives you time to carefully evaluate the offer as well as negotiate the terms of the offer. When you ask for an extension, make sure it's reasonable. You don't want to make the company think you're trying to take advantage of their generosity.
Each of these factors play a major role in determining how happy and satisfied with your decision regarding the job.     

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By | August 31st, 2016

Work ethics is vital to the company to achieve their goals. It is a set of moral principles like integrity, sense of responsibility, teamwork, work quality and discipline. Employees with good and strong work ethics are the main contributors of company’s growth and success. So let us discuss these moral principals in details and how they are beneficial for a company. 

Integrity in an employee helps in growing his trusting relationships with coworkers, clients, and managers. Employee's ability to give honest feedback is highly valued by the coworkers. Integrity in employees helps clients to trust on employees advice. Managers are happy with employee's high moral standards and trust him/her not to create any problems.

Strong sense of responsibility affects how an employee works and the amount of work he/she does. When the employee feels personally responsible for his/her job performance, he/she shows up on time, puts in best effort and completes projects to the best of his/her ability.

Teamwork is the most important aspect of project’s successful completion. Employees with high sense of teamwork contributes to meet team’s goals with quality. They respect their colleagues and collaborate with them for making things go smoother. 

Discipline is needed to show committment to finish the tasks alloted every day and the eagerness to do the work.

Work Quality is one of the main thing which employees with strong work ethic care about and always do their best to deliver high quality work which further improves the company’s overall quality.

Work ethic is something which employers desire and overall performace of the company is dependent on it. Work satisfaction is derived from good work ethic and career growth and progression is the result of it. 

Strong work ethic is that intangible quality persists in star employees that pushes them to be determined in delivering the best work possible on daily basis, regardless of the fact that someone is tracking them or not. These employees take pride in their work. According to them, a job well done is the only thing they seek. This fosters within them a sense of professional fullfillment and personal satisfaction. 

These are the employees that employers seek to hire and promote. When an important project needs to get done, these individuals are the one whom can be counted on, even if it means working longer hours to do so. A strong work ethic will not only expose you to greater opportunities, it will earn you a reputation of excellence in your profession.

Now-a-days companies know that for better and high class performance and to hold a position of leadership in their industry, they require talented people with the skills and ability to consistently deliver outstanding results and motivates themselves as well as their colleagues to have strong work ethics and take responsibilities to perform a task. The caliber of company’s workforce is fully related with their performance. So, it becomes the benchmark for companies for hiring new talent and to accommodate them in their work culture. If an individual has a strong work ethic, he/she possess the qualities that will keep him/her in demand by top business entrepreneurs throughout his/her career.

Regardless of the profession you are involved in, when you are talented at what you do and individuals remember and recognize it, there is a profound feeling of satisfaction that lights up inside you. It's the consequence of knowing you have something profitable to offer and seeing your employment—whether it is cleaning the floor and desk or meeting with the client and closing a business deal—as a vital part of the master plan. People with a strong work ethic get more prominent satisfaction from their work as they are completely occupied with what they are doing each day.

Work ethic helps the employees to advance in their profession and this is why career progression is considered as the result of strong work ethics. If you desire to advance in your profession, a strong work ethic will keep your career moving upward. Every employer wants an employee with this kind of mentality. Your willingness to work hard and give 150 percent will not go unnoticed. When the opportunity for promotion comes, you will be the one shining brightly at the top of the list.

By demonstrating a strong work ethic in your job, you’ll discover you are more marketable, in demand, satisfied and profitable than those content to watch the clock and collect a paycheck!

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By | July 13th, 2016

Every year all over the world, many people work hard to complete their ambition and some have to work just for earning their livelihoods. On the other side, some wants to work just because they don't want to sit idle. In that case, the only thing which is common between all of them is “motivation” towards the work they are doing that helps to improve them in getting better outputs. Every single minute there are countless candidates that surf the internet to learn best way to tackle interview or behave confidently but they end up with a long list of confusing rules and principles on their system screen.
Here are some important factors that are beneficial while talking about “Work Motivation”.

  • Staying Healthy
  • Try to take proper rest
  • Be focus on your ambition
  • Push yourself to face challenges.
  • Using your skills everyday in a different manner
Although these days, people are more concern about interviews and prepare themselves to give their best during the interview session. But still, they are not satisfied with their performance and find something magical secrets that really helpful for a successful interview. If you are also one of them that looking forward for something realistic then this place is perfect for you where you can gain lot of information to accomplish your target.
1. The first and the most important thing is your appearance: decide something really nice and tidy clothes to wear on the big day. Your attire does not need to be expensive, it just has to be presentable as we say 'First mpression is the last impression'.
2. Behave normal and confident and take it as usual routine and try to stay cool. Give your best and stay relaxed and do not look stiff.
3. Describe your skills creatively just the way an artist paints all of his creativity in a single painting. Never loss the opportunity to tell something about yourself but the specific and avoid irrelevant talk.
4. Tell them your achievements and the skills that you have just polished in your previous working experience. Never pass the negative comment about your ex-employer which leave a bad impression of your personality on the interviewer.
5. Leaving the venue with the humble gestures and confidence. These things are really important and eventually become the reason of your selection.
Remember nothing is guaranteed and everything becomes achievable when you realize your own capabilities. These important points helps you to get rid of so called phobia that haunts you and hold you back from delivering your hundred percent during interview. This will keep your spirits high and actively charged.

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By | July 6th, 2016

Flexibility is a word which is defined as not invincibly rigid or obstinate as per the dictionary. Being flexible helps you to get all sorts of good points with recruiters and hiring managers but being too flexible is a boon to your career in a certain way. When the aspiring candidates are searching for a job change, being flexible is something that could get you your dream job, as employers are looking for people who can quickly adapt to changing environment of the organization. 

In this blog we have discussed several ways that could help you to demonstrate your flexibility to an employer and to earn a job: 
  1. A large number of recruiters and hiring managers prefers scheduling the face to face interviews between 9 to 5 during the normal workday. Make sure you reach there on scheduled time so the person whose approval is essential for you, do not face any inconvenience and should not be pissed off by working extra hours while waiting for you.
  2. There may be many competitors for the same positions so try to schedule your interview as quickly as possible. Postponing your interview because you have other plans during the week increases the chances that hiring managers will not entertain you afterwards and kicks you out of their list of aspiring candidates.
  3. When you reach to the interview venue, you should expect the delays or cancellations as you will be meeting with multiple people on the same day. If you are thinking that your interview will start and end on time then you are making a mistake my friend!! This will just increase your stress and unnecessary frustration and aggravation. Roaming around the reception area will not bode well for you. To overcome this boredom you could bring some interview related material that could help you to ask something interesting during your interview and make a unique impression.
  4. You should expect that you may be required to interview with as many as 3 or 4 people before you are offered a position. When the call comes asking you to return to the company for a 4th or 5th time, accept happily and thank the company for inviting you back in.
It is important to demonstrate your flexibility, but there are some other times where being too flexible can cause you the trouble down the road. Below are some examples of the same:
  1. If your target company offers 1 week of vacation for the next 3 years, consider whether you will really be happy working for them without much time off. For those of you who enjoy your time off, this may not be the best job for you.
  2. If you don't feel that the job description is at least 75% interesting to you, you may want to wait for a better match. Not loving your job or worse yet, being bored with it, may cause you to want to start looking again, and that won't be much fun.
  3. We all have an inner voice in our heads that helps us decide what is right for us and what isn't. If your inner voice tells you that you don't have chemistry with your prospective boss, or that you don't like the people who would be on your team, or that the company culture doesn't fit with your preferences, you should definitely listen to the voice. Making a bad choice is worse than choosing wrong. You have much less time to look for a job when you're working in the wrong job. Take the time now to find the RIGHT job, not just a job.
So be Flexible but not on the cost of your happiness and lifestyle. Keep up the good work 

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June 10th, 2016
Comment: Nice Blog!
Tips To Calm Down While Searching Jobs , created by: Arpit gupta

May 30th, 2016
Comment: A great blog for the freshers.
Mistakes You Should Avoid In Interviews, created by: Amandeep Kaur

May 30th, 2016
Comment: A great blog for the freshers.
Mistakes You Should Avoid In Interviews, created by: Amandeep Kaur